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A Lot On My Mind

God is truly in the midst of my worries. Despite how big my stresses and mountains are, JonJon reminded me a few weeks ago that I had to put God in front of each of my worries. I’ve been doing that, whether I feel like it or not.

I am in LA now recording, and usually, I am over the moon happy and in nirvana, but there’s been a LOTTT on my mind. I asked God to continue guiding me and showing me that He’s in my corner and that I’ll get out of this mental space.

A few things happened that helped me to validate my journey and where I am supposed to be. They’re significant to me.

1) Our room number is 222, which means ”let your light shine.” I acknowledged my angels and honestly, could not crack a smile yesterday.

2) I am crushing this recording with high notes in every corner. There is one note in particular that I can hit 1x out of 10 and I hit it consistently yesterday… Making progress IS possible.

3) Music is rewarding, but it comes with an emotional roller coaster and very deep pockets. You have to constantly pick yourself up, dust yourself off, believe that everything will pay off, continuously improve and build a reliable team. I left the studio last night feeling more down than up, venting the whole way home, and JonJon in his usual way, is the most unconditional BELIEVER a dreamer can ever ask for. He was made especially for me and I am so overwhelmingly grateful. We stepped foot into the hotel room at 11:11 and I thought to myself… I see you God. I know you’re here, please tell me what I’m doing…

4) I woke at 4:44 this morning without an alarm after speaking to another producer yesterday who has been waking up at 4:44 for years! I knew this was another sign that my angels are nudging me. I decided to stay up. I stretched, got a short workout in, journaled what I give myself credit for, what my realistic expectation for the day are and my overall goal. Today’s was physical, mental and spiritual peace. I prayed, meditated, and began my music tasks.

5) Deep down I wanted to get better and quicker at songwriting. This was at the core of my vent session last night. I emailed Brooke an unrelated question (since 7am is a bit early for a weekend text) and she text me back in .1 seconds an answer followed by a really cool and crazy specific dream. I swear the dream could not be more indicative of what my next steps were. We have plans to follow through on the dream, or rather directions. I know because they fall directly in line with my prayers.

I’m ready for today. I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come. I’ll keep pushing and trust that God will guide me and has given me all the tools I need to fulfill my destiny.

Thank you for reading. I pray you have a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend.

Keep trusting God and putting him at the beginning of all your worries, fears, hopes and dreams.

💚🙏🏼 Jade


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