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Major Shifts

One way I cope with stress or strong emotions is ”capsuling” my thoughts. I turn on my reflective writing playlist and let it rip. So here it is:

Life’s a rock

You walk and you talk

And it spins under your feet

No day is the same so you’re bound to feel defeat

You think it would get easier but there are lots of days to fill

Emotions are just a run of the mill

I’m in a major shift

With weight on my back

Some days I crawl, other days I crack

Is something wrong with me

Can I be happy and content

If I’m not on stage

Writing a song

Or enjoying quality time

Maybe I’ve touched heaven on earth and it felt so good, that my mind knows better

and my heart wants water

Am I too ideal?

Wishing life was more simple

But let’s just be real

When living is this expensive

Your main hustle and your side hustle is the meal

So you dream and weigh all the thoughts that hustling entails

Cause if you don’t, no one will…

I hope you can(‘t) relate.

Written to Trains by Banker.

💚 Jade


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